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About PUSH
Talks about things like what PUSH is and how it works.
· What is PUSH?
PUSH is a personalized program that is designed to guide you through promoting the film Beyond Acceptance. PUSH is a baby-steps approach that breaks things into easy, manageable stages. You are also able to visually see the results of your work through points, levels, and statistics. It's a fun and effective way for you to help get the word out.

· How does PUSH work?
Boy, this is hard to sum up. Basically PUSH is point-based. Every task you are assigned has a specific point value that you'll receive once you've completed it. When you reach a certain number of points you'll advance to the next level. In that level the tasks will slightly harder, and the points higher. There are a total of 8 levels in the PUSH program, and as you move through the ranks you will be able to watch your point total climb. PUSH automatically keeps score for you, and shows you lots of insightful statistics to help you hone your strategy.

· What's in it for me?
Everything! Well, the main thing that's in it for you is the opportunity to compete for a grand prize. What the grand prize is depends on the number of people in your campaign, but generally it will either be an Apple iPad, or and iPod touch. If you stay diligent and consistent it should be well within your reach to win first place and bring home the goods.

· Can PUSH make me rich?
Well, it depends on your definition of "rich". Can you make some profit and win a great grand prize? Yes, absolutely! Can you become rich and make enough money to buy a new car? No, probably not.

· Whose idea was PUSH anyway?
PUSH was invented by the Golden Vision Films team (Luke DeBoer, Andrew Bolzman, Leslie Naugle, & Philip Bolzman) specifically for the promotion of their film Beyond Acceptance.

· Does PUSH stand for something?
Well, technically, no it doesn't stand for anything. But, we sometimes like to think it stands for Pink Umbrellas are So Hip.

· Why should I participate in PUSH?
Well, there are lots of reasons why you should participate. Here are our top three:
  • You'll be supporting a great film. We believe the world needs more films with a positive messages and good values. Helping spread the word about Beyond Acceptance is a great way to encourage the making of wholesome films.
  • You get rewards! That's right! Every PUSH campaign we launch has a grand prize like an Apple iPad or and iPod touch. You'll also have a chance to make some money along the way by doing a little extra work.
  • It's good for you! A lot of people are uncomfortable with promoting and are afraid of sounding too "pushy". While we don't want you to be rude, we feel that there's nothing wrong with sharing something you like with the people you know and care about. It's probably good for you to get out of your shell a little bit, and this is the perfect opportunity for you to do that!

· Can I use PUSH to take over the world?
Funny... someone named Hitler just called and asked us the same thing.

· Is PUSH like multi-level or pyramid marketing?
No. Why not? Because of three main reasons:
  • Your rewards are not generally based on what others do. Multi-level marketing is based on people converting other people who convert other people and so on. From all these different people you (at the top of the pyramid) would get a certain percentage of everything they make. PUSH isn't like that. Your score is affected by the work you do yourself, that is all.
  • You don't get paid in PUSH. All the opportunities you have for making money with PUSH are not designed on any sort of "commission" structure. For example, one of the ways you can make money is buy purchasing Beyond Acceptance DVDs at wholesale price (about half off) and then selling these DVDs at whatever price you want. It's a simple system of we sell to you for cheap, and then you sell to others for more; just like a retail store. There is no percentage or commission involved, and you do not get paid by GVF or the PUSH program. The only money you would get is the profit that you earned yourself.
  • PUSH is not about selling or making conversions. The main focus of PUSH is just spreading the word, and helping raise awareness about the film both online and in person. Choosing to sell DVDs might be part of your winning strategy, but you will not be required to make any sales in order to win.

· Is there a minimum age requirement to join PUSH?
Yes, there is. For legal reasons, you must be 13 or older to join PUSH. Don't get us wrong; we love kids, but the frontline of the bloody promotional battle is not the best place for the younger ones. : )

· Will I be required to sell things if I join PUSH?
No. PUSH is not about you going out and selling things; the main point of PUSH is to raise awareness. However, while not required, you will be given opportunities to make lots of points by selling things (like DVDs).

· What if I join PUSH, and then decide I don't like it?
PUSH is 100% commitment free. This means if you don't like it, you can quit. Simply cancel your account and it will be as if you never joined PUSH in the first place.

· Is PUSH really 100% absolutely free? There's no hidden fees?
Yes... absolutely free! Why would we charge you to help us out?

· I really want to do PUSH, but I'm under the minimum age. What should I do?
We recommend that you pair up with a parent and create an account in their name. They will then be able to watch out and work with you as you participate in PUSH. Please note that the majority of the work must be done by one party, either you or your parent. We want to avoid two or more people creating one account and "joint" promoting in order to get more done in less time. This is not allowed since it would give you an unfair advantage.

· I think PUSH sounds neat, but I'm fairly busy and won't have very much time to commit to it. Is that okay?
Sure! PUSH is 100% commitment free. This means there is not a certain amount of work you need to get done to be a member. Even if you only get past level 1 that's okay! Anything you can do to help out is appreciated.

· I want to be a part of PUSH, but I don't really like getting in people's faces about stuff or trying to sell things to people. What should I do?
This is question people ask a lot. It's probably the number one excuse for not doing PUSH. But here's the good news: You can participate in PUSH, even win PUSH, without ever being super forceful or getting in people's faces. It's all about approach. Some people who participate in PUSH will be more of the "salesperson" type, and will immediately go out and start telling everyone they know about the film and trying to get people to purchase a copy. Other people will take the more "timid and tactful" approach where they will get word out by general, but effective methods, such as Facebook updates, hanging posters, writing on blogs, etc. We think the most successful PUSHers will be those who aren't scared to share something they think is cool with other people, and aren't afraid to put in a plug something, but ultimately, a great variety of people can participate.

PUSH Basics
Covers practical details about PUSH campaigns.
· How many levels are there?
There are a total of 8 levels in the PUSH campaign.

· How long does a PUSH campaign last?
The length of the PUSH campaigns may vary by campaign. But in general, you will have 10 weeks from the time you create your account to the time it expires.

· How can I make money from doing PUSH?
There are two main ways you can make money from PUSH (besides winning the grand prize of course):
  • Sell DVDs. We offer you the option to buy DVDs from us at whole sale price ($9.99 each) and then resell them at whatever price you want (we recommend $15-$18 each). This can be especially great if you host a showing and can get people at the showing to buy a DVD.
  • Host a church showing. If done right, this is a great money making method. To host a showing all you have to do is buy a showing license (priced based on the size of your venue) and then sell tickets for your event. It doesn't take that many ticket sales to cover the cost of your license, and any money you make from tickets is all yours! Showings are also great places to sell DVDs and make profit off of those too! Plus, you get a boat load of points for every showing you host. So, a showing can help earn you some extra cash and move you lots closer to winning that grand prize of glory.

· Can I join more than one PUSH campaign?
Yes. However, all work completed on previous campaigns would not be able to be applied to your current campaign. Basically, you would need to start over at square one each time you joined a campaign.

· What happens when my PUSH campaign time runs out?
Once your campaign time runs out, your account is marked as "completed". This means your points are "locked" and you can't complete any more tasks, challenges, or that increases your point total. Basically you won't do anything in your PUSH account. Once everyone's account in your campaign has been marked as completed, we will determine the winner.

· What is the best internet browser to use PUSH in?
Anything but Internet Explorer, and no, we're not even joking. Our top browser recommendation is Google Chrome.

· Is it possible to have more than one PUSH account?
No. You may only have one account per person.

· How do you determine the winner of the grand prize?
The person who finishes their campaign with the highest number of points wins the grand prize. Should there be a tie, the winner will be chosen randomly from those who tied.

· What are "wild card" challenges and how do they work?
The wild card challenge is our way of letting our users contribute to the PUSH program. We know that we're dealing with tons of clever people that have ideas for things they could do to help promote the film; things we would never think of on our own. With the wildcard challenge, you basically get to invent a challenge for other PUSH users to complete. Additionally, you will get points every time someone completes the challenge you dreamed up. All wild card submissions will be reviewed by the PUSH team, and must pass the test to become available in the system. If you submit a challenge that is approved and popular with other users you could collect quite a few points automatically. Cool, no?

· What do you mean when you talk about a PUSH "campaign"?
A campaign is sort of like a race. Users who are in the same campaign compete against each other for the grand prize. There is usually a two week period at the beginning of a campaign where people can join the campaign and still have the same number of weeks to promote. Each user gets a set amount of time (say 10 weeks) from the time they join until the time their account finishes. They must try to get as many points as possible in that time. Once everyone's time runs out the campaign would be over and the grand prize awarded.

· What's the difference between sidebar tasks and level challenges?
The main difference is that challenges can be completed only once, and sidebar tasks can be completed an infinite number of times. Sidebar tasks also stay there from level to level and don't change every time you advance (like challenges do).

· What is the difference between user statistics and global statistics?
User statistics are specific to you. Global statistics are collective and are based off of all users from all campaigns.

· Are you required to have a Facebook and/or Twitter account to do PUSH?
One or the other is required to complete PUSH. While we recommend having both in order to excel, one will get you by. If you do not have a Facebook or Twitter you will not be able to get enough points to pass Level 1, and thus won't be able to go far in PUSH.

· I do a lot of things on my phone. Do you have an Apple or Android app?
No, at this point we do not have an app. However, you should find that PUSH works just fine on an Apple or Android web browser. Unless you are over 50, in which case, the text would be way too small for you to read.

· Is asking friends to help you complete a challenge considered cheating?
Not as long as you do it sparingly. We love friends and encourage you to seek their assistance with some of the more intense PUSH tasks (especially hosting a showing). However, you cannot consistently rely on your friends to help you complete PUSH. You can ask for help in your most desperate times of need, but the bulk of your PUSH work must still be done by you.

· My pet wants to do PUSH real bad, but I'm just not sure about it. What should I do?
We love pets here at PUSH! However, due to problems we've encountered with animals using person-to-computer interface controllers (such as a mouse and keyboard), we recommend that all pets have a non-animal partner to help them while using the computer, and doing some of the more intense promotional tasks.

· My 95 year old grandmother wants to do PUSH, and she won't listen to me when I tell her that it might not be the best match for her. What should I do?
Why stand in her way?! Grannies are the bomb when it comes to PUSH! They can bribe people with cookies, and threaten them with haircuts.

Inside the Portal
Overviews details and common confusions about the PUSH user portal.
· What is the Leaderboard?
The Leaderboard is a handy area on the right sidebar where you can see details about the users in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. You can see their user picture, how many points they have, how much time they have left in their campaign, and what level they are on. At the bottom of the Leaderboard you can also see your rank. The Leaderboard is really useful for getting an idea of what your competition is and where you stand.

· What are some example tasks and challenges?
Well, an example challenge from Level 1 is: "Like Beyond Acceptance on Facebook." A level 4 example challenge is: "Hang a Beyond Acceptance poster in 1 local business." Some sample sidebar tasks are: "Get people to like us on Facebook," "get someone to sign up for our email list", and "sell a Beyond Acceptance DVD."

· Can I send other PUSH users messages through my portal?
Not yet. We're working on building in that functionality, but it has not been implemented yet.

· Do you have any tips or advice on how to excel in PUSH?
Well, we don't want to give away any secrets. But just between us, our little hint to you is to develop your strategy. There are multiple playing approaches that can help you win, it's a matter of picking the one that works best for you. One is to be more focused on sidebar tasks. You can get a lot of points even from simple tasks like Facebook likes. Another method is to focus on completing all of the challenges. You can only complete each challenge once so if you complete all the challenges on every level, you will be doing pretty well. There are several other strategies as well. Find a specific set of challenges or sidebar tasks that give you the most points for the least amount of effort and then capitalize on those.

· There's a task that I don't understand. What should I do?
Well, try reading the description again. Then ask someone else to read it to you while you stand on your head. If you still don't get it let us know. Just use your handy feedback tab on the left side of your portal, and tell us what task you don't get. We'll get back to you ASAP to try to clear up any confusion.

· Are there any resources available to help me in my promoting?
We are still working on building a good list of resources for promoters. However, as a general help, we recommend visiting the Beyond Acceptance share page. This page has lots of artwork, logos, and even the trailer available for you to download. It can be handy to have some of these things (especially the trailer) on your laptop or phone so that you can show people in an instant.

· I want to go back a level and complete a challenge I missed, can I?
Nope. Sorry, you've passed the point of no return. Once you advance to the next level there is no going back. Let the past go and look to the future!

· When I advance to the next level my point total goes up, why is this?
This is due to the fact that sidebar tasks are scored retroactively. For example: Buddy is on level 4 and decides to sell 10 DVDs. He does so and gets 30 points per DVD, adding up to a total of 300 points. Well, Buddy keeps working and eventually gets all the way to level 6. Here he sees that he still only has his original 10 DVD sales, but now he has gained 360 points from those sales instead of 300. This is because the points per sale goes up every time you advance a level and the new point per sale value retroactively applies to all pervious sales. So on level 4, 10 sales at 30 points each totals 300. On level 5, those 10 sales will be worth more like 33 each, making a total of 330 points. You get the picture.

Now, just to make things more confusing, the first three sidebar tasks (Facebook likes, Twitter follows, and email signups) increase in another dimension as well. For instance, the more likes you get, the more valuable the next like you get is. So your first like might be worth 6 points, your 10th like might be worth 12 points, and your 50th like might be worth 26 points.

To summarize, you want to advance to the next level as often as possible so that you can get the points from your sidebar tasks retroactively updating. Also, the more likes, follows, or signups you get the more valuable they will become. . . they grow exponentially.

· I've noticed PUSH sometimes tells me jokes and funny sayings. Why is that?
Do we need a reason to be awesome?

· What is the significance of my PUSH user rating, and how is it calculated?
The PUSH user rating shows you how you compare to other PUSH users. It's a good way to get a grasp for where you stand among the ranks. This rating is determined by a number of factors, but the main one is your points per day (ppd) statistic. This stat tells you the average number of points you have gained per day since you joined PUSH. Basically, the higher your ppd, the higher your user rating will be. If your rating is 100%, this means you are probably around first place. If your rating is at 25%, this means that you're probably near last place.

· I accidentally marked a challenge as completed, can I mark it as uncompleted?
No you can't. The easiest way to resolve the issue is to actually do the challenge you accidentally marked as completed. But if you don't want to do that, use our Feedback tab and let us know what task you accidentally completed. We'll then have our lab technicians undo it from the super computers in our evil laboratory.

· I would like some more printed PUSH promotional material; can you mail me some?
Absolutely! Just let us know what you want by using you handy-dandy order tool (found on the left side of the screen under the sidebar tasks), and we'll ship some more your way for free!

· Couldn't someone lie about having completed tasks and just cheat their way to the top?
Well, they could try. However, we PUSH people are snoops, and we look into the work that you guys are doing. Every time someone completes a task we review their actions. If anything seems fishy we'll take action to make sure people aren't getting points they don't deserve.

Your Profile & Settings
How to change things like your email address and profile picture.
· How do I change my password?
Piece of cake! Simply go to the "Account Settings" tab in the upper right corner of your screen. Click on the "change my password" button. All you have to do is type in your current password and then type and retype your desired new password. Don't forget to hit save.

· How do I delete my PUSH account?
This one is easy. Just go into your portal and click on the "Account Settings" tab in the upper right corner of your screen. There you will find the "delete my account" button. Click and then verify that that is indeed what you want to do. From that moment on it will be as if you never joined PUSH.

· How do I change my profile picture?
Easy as pie! Simply go to the "Account Settings" tab in the upper right corner of your screen. Find the "profile picture" section and select the "add file" button. Choose a picture that you like, then upload it. If the image looks good, click save and get on with your busy life.

· How do I change some of my account information?
Easy! Just go into your portal and click on the "Account Settings" tab in the upper right corner of your screen. Change whatever you need to and then hit save to wrap it all up.

I Think I Broke It
Tells you what you should do when encountering errors and problems.
· What should I do if I find an error?
Tell us! We love hearing people tell us how we've goofed up. If you find an error, just click on the feedback tab to the left side of your screen and briefly tell us what's up. We greatly appreciate you letting us know about any errors, whether grammatical (like if youre missing an apostrophe or something is speeled wrong) or functional (like if some link doesn't work).

· My PUSH portal looks messed up. Is there something I can do to fix it?
Yes, probably. The first question to ask yourself is "am I using Internet Explorer?" If you answered yes to this question, then your solution is to stop. Internet Explorer works best for blocky designs that don't move and slide. However, PUSH is not blockish and it has lots of moving and sliding components. So it's not a great fit. Try switching to Firefox, Chrome or Safari. If something still looks messed up even in these browsers, let us know in the feedback tab, and we'll look into fixing it.

· PUSH is not letting me complete a task or challenge? What should I do?
Try throwing your computer against the wall. Statistics show this significantly reduces issues with the PUSH portal. Just kidding! What you should really do if you're having issues with a task is let us know! Use your handy-dandy feedback tab on the left side of your screen to write a short message about what task you're having issues with. Make sure to tell us what level the task is on and what the task is about. Once we get your "SOS", we'll get back with you ASAP to help sort things out.

· My friend said they bought a DVD, but it's not counting it in my PUSH sidebar. What happened?
Well, here are a couple questions to ask your friend:
  • "Did you buy it off the Beyond Acceptance website?"
  • "Did you use the special DVD purchase link I gave you?"
If your friend answered no to either of these questions, then it's no surprise that their purchase wasn't showing up. We can only track DVD purchases made on our website. So if your friend bought it off Amazon, or in stores, or any other way, you won't be able to get points for their purchase. Also, we can only give you points for purchases made using your unique DVD purchase link. Our system can associate purchases made through this link with your PUSH account and thus give you points. If your friend just went directly to our website to buy the DVD and did not follow your special link, we are not able to associate their purchase with your account and thus you don't get points. If this is the case, let us know the name of your friend who bought a DVD, we will contact them about it. If we find that they did intend to give you points with their purchase, we'll associate their purchase with your account and the points will be added. (Note: This is not a guarantee of points, it is a guarantee of investigation.)

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