What is PUSH?

This innovative promotional program was created by the folks here at Golden Vision Films. Designed specifically for our feature film, Beyond Acceptance, PUSH is an automated, intuitive, web-based, and competitive program that will walk you through the simple steps of sharing this special film with your friends, family, and others you may know. Your enthusiasm is the most important marketing tool that we have, and PUSH is here to transform your excitement into beneficial promotion. It gives you a clear, fun, and effective way to get involved!

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    Flexible System

    Personalized to your needs

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    Web Based & Intuitive

    Advanced use of technology

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    Points and Levels

    To set goals and track progress

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    Prizes and Rewards

    So your effort isn't wasted

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    Support and Community

    We'll be there on the double

Feature Overview


A flexible system that is personalized to your needs

Not only is the PUSH system completely free and voluntary, it's also easy as pie to get the hang of! By joining PUSH, you can kiss complicated systems, chunky design, and confusing layouts goodbye. The PUSH system is designed to interact with you like a human, making it more natural to understand and communicate with. You're also in control of your account at all times. So when it comes to PUSH, you wear the pants. Oh, and did we mention that there are no requirements to get a certain amount done or move at a certain speed? Do as much or as little as you want. That's flexibility.

A web based portal that's social, secure and smart

Let's face it: paper and corded phones are out. That's why PUSH is almost entirely web based. Many of the tasks you're given are designed to enable you to get involved with Beyond Acceptance through the use of online promotional tactics and opportunities. Promotion has never been so convenient, so easy, or so cool! Once you register for PUSH, you'll be taken on a guided tour through your PUSH portal, which is your home-base. Every step of the way, the PUSH system will help you out, showing you what to do and giving you hints along the way. PUSH is also super social! You can easily link your Twitter and Facebook accounts with a few clicks so you can post, tweet, share without even leaving your portal. Simple. Easy. Fun.

Points and levels - take little steps towards big rewards

Okay, let's break this down. PUSH is task-based. In your portal, you will have different tasks and challenges you can complete. Every task has a unique point value that is assigned to it. Once you follow the clearly laid out instructions for completing a task, you will receive the points for that task. Once you reach a certain number of points, you'll be able to move onto the next level, where tasks get a bit harder and the points, higher. The system starts off fairly simple, focusing on you getting to know the film. As you progress, the system builds on the skills you have learned and becomes more challenging. And to make it easier for you to track your progress, we've loaded the portal with insightful statistics that help keep you moving in the right direction. You'll also be able to see what PUSH members have the most points and what your rank is among them.

Rewards to set your eyes on.

K, this is the cool part. We didn't want PUSH to just be about us and our film. It's also about you. That's why we're offering a grand prize to the PUSH member that has the most points at the end of their campaign. This prize will be either an iPod touch or and Apple iPad depending on how many participants are in that campaign. As a PUSH member, you'll also have backstage access to all things Beyond Acceptance. And to put the cherry on top, we've also designed some of the tasks to allow you to earn money as you go. For example, we will offer each industrious PUSH member the opportunity to purchase Beyond Acceptance DVDs at an extremely discounted price. They can then take these DVDs and sell them to friends, family members, or others they know. And all the profit they make selling the discs is their's to keep.

Personalized support has never been this simple.

From questions and comments to praise and criticism, we want to hear from you! Our friendly PUSH staff members are here to help you with whatever you need. Once a member of PUSH, you'll have access to our extensive FAQ page should you have questions about how something works. And if you can't find your answer there, we've made contacting us easier than brushing your teeth in the morning. There's no need to fill out complicated forms that ask for everything but your social security number. Nope. To tell us something, simply slide out the "feedback" tab and let us know what's on your mind. You can also email or call us directly for support or to report any errors you find. Support has never been simpler.

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Initial PUSH Campaign Launch Date:
- 12:01am   Saturday, March 17th   2012 -